1.5 million Black men missing, Dick Gregory

New York Times report indicated that 1.5 million black men missing in the United States. Were they abducted by aliens? No, well why so many black men are missing? Where are they, are they dead, and why aren't they are a part of their communities? Could it be criminal justice related such as bad laws or even worse, policies America had crafted resulting to 1.5 million African Americans missing.


Black men missing age group

Between the age of 25 to 54, 1.5 African Americans have disappeared from society; majority of them are part of the United States prison population. The United prison population has increased drastically from the nineteen eighties even though homicides in this country are down, but the prison population went up. Here is the tipping point, Ronald Reagan, the war on drugs. For example, non-violent drug offenders have increased tremendously since the eighties which, is why a large portion of black men missing have increased. But according to Dick Gregory people in prison are not missing, they are accounted for. The New York Times research suggested that 1.5 million Black men missing. Missing and in prison are not the same, dick Gregory doesn't think that the New York Times is referring to African Americans that are in prison. 


Poor Missing Black Men & Drugs

You cannot look at drug offense in a in a vacuum because you then have people saying "well they're criminals and they deserve to go to jail." The consequences are we have communities that are dilapidated because of missing black men, you have public education systems that are not properly funded and don't have adequate resources, you have job training programs that don't have adequate resources and are properly funded, and there's no jobs in the community, no investment going into the community so people resort to the only way they can eat. It is more of systematic policies imposed than anything else.


Federal policies and black men missing

Thanks to Richard Nixon, then Ronald Reagan, we've seen drugs are a crime instead of as a public health issue: drug violence and drug abused sores. Drug abuses is a healthcare problem like schizophrenia, bipolar, and alcoholism; those are all medical problems, but Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon saw it fits to make those what we would like to call criminal-justice problems. As a result, they overloaded our prisons with nonviolent drug offenders. So now you have a situation where African-Americans are disappearing at record number. Black men missing from their household have been most affected by those policies “the war on drugs."


Missing black men and police shooting 

There were twelve hundred and seventeen deadly police shooting between 2010 and 2014. The Federal of the United States data shows black men aged 15-19 were killed at a rate of 31.7 per million while just 1.7 per million white men were killed in the same age range at the hands of police. This is not stated to dismiss that we don't have a problem with criminality in our community, but we have to ask ourselves, how African American communities, largely black men got there. I can't answer this question for everyone. Like Richard Fowler said "where there's smoke there's fire and correlation doesn't always equal causation," let’s stop treating the symptoms and start looking for a cure.


There was an article published in the New York Times international by Jane Frisch in Los Angeles on May 9th, 1992. Los Angeles police arrested 18,000 black people during a riot from Wednesday night of April 24th. Prosecutors could only count for as many as 10,000 people. The rest of the people police arrested disappeared while in police custody, vanish or just reported missing. This one of many evidence Dick Gregory have linked to the 1.5 million missing black men in America. There are countless of other scenarios. 


If you Google the New York times 1.5 million black men missing, you can read the full story. One last point I want to make. Missing don't mean in prison, which is why Dick Gregory has linked the 1.5 million black men missing to organs stealing and many other illegal in humane things that going in to black people in America and around the world.