Awesome dr sebi gmo crossbreed and hybrid food list

What does Dr. Sebi said GMO Foods are ding; Different species of plants/animals to create certain preferable new breed that may or may not be suitable for healthy consumption. Started in the ancient world, this is the practice of creating a new plant or animal from two or more different wild species. The new species has the characteristics of its dissimilar parents but is also unique.



This became a way of creating domestic plants and animals that could be cultivated or controlled. The new species can survive in places and under conditions that the parents could not. GMO is the practice of genetic manipulation, gene splicing, and Crossbreed Modern day wheat was created this way. People began to live in cities and the original plant didn’t yield enough to feed large populations. This plant was crossed with another and the end product yielded lots of grain. The new plants were also bred so they could resist certain pests and could be planted all over the world.