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Hybrid marijuana or synthetic cannabis produced poor quality sperm, therefore, buying anything other kind of weed pot would have defeated the purpose. Moreover, I praised his marijuana smoking habit. I gave him the best of me whenever he was high to where he thought being high was the result of good sex. He thought he was performing better sexually when stoned. Therefore, I played along. made sure whenever I was occupied sucking his dick, a bottle of Hennessy on his left and a blunt in his right hand be present.



knew alcohol-destroyed sperm count and the synthetic cannabis or hybrid marijuana once inhaled would pass through his lungs, to his blood stream and to his brain, which would slow everything up and deprived him of oxygen, then killed his sperm. When a man’s sperms are dead from overheating, the penis will leak the dead sperm out or the man will have a wet dream, which allows dead wasted sperm to come out of the testes.