Dr. Alvenia Fulton on Fasting

Dr. Alvenia Fulton talks about fasting, healing, nutrition, and how to break a fast.


Larry Cherry knew Dr. Fulton personally. She was no joke! I know of many people she healed through fasting. She was at least 80 when I met her. I knew her for over 30 years before she passed. So, she lived to be at least 110 years old. I worked briefly in her health food store and clinic to help her set up a computerized inventory system. Once I asked her what the secret that helped her heal so many thousands of people.


She looked at me and said., "that there is only ONE disease and only ONE main cure. Modern medicine has thousands of names for diseases but they are all caused by the same thing. REMOVE the mucus from the body and the body will heal itself!!!" I did 3 fasts each time for over 30 days with her method and had tremendous energy and lost a pound or two a day.


Using her system which involved 1. Preparing for a long fast by eating only fresh fruits and vegetables 1 day for every 5 days you plan to fast. 2. Using plenty of natural herbs in capsule form every day during the fast. 3. Getting a colonic every 3 days because on a long fast the peristalsis function of your colon stops because we are not digesting food.


Also, an enema on the non-colonic days. I’m about to start this again. She was right that if you cleanse before the fast after two or three days, you no longer have any hunger for even after 20 or 30 days. Also, it is very important to break the fast by eating some natural soup, very small amounts for 5 or 6 days. Otherwise you can become sick from introducing regular amounts of food into the body too soon. The villi in the intestines have to wake back up. Larry Cherry