Fluoride in Drinking Water and Manganese in Malt Liquor Linked to Crime

Fluoride in Drinking Water and Manganese in Malt Liquor Linked to Crime

Lead, manganese, and silicofluoride have been linked to crime, drug use, and learning deficits. 90% of American drinking water contains silicofluoride--a slight difference from fluoride, however untested through water safety standards. Silicofluoride exists particularly in poverty struck neighborhoods of African Americans, Hispanics, and Caucasians. The statistics of crime rate versus none when silicofluoride was added into the equation demonstrated 162 per 100,000 to 262 per 100,000 (Roger D. Masters, Dartmouth College).


Maybe poverty struck folks are not being themselves when it comes to the massacres happening in their neighborhood. Exposure to metal above a certain level has dire health and psychological affects (people are more prone to violent behavior the FBI keeps a record of crime caused by pollution.


Malt liquor contains manganese. Malt liquor is made in Caucasian-owned beer companies but only sold in African American neighborhoods aren't you suspicious? "They put a thing in it called manganese and once you get so much manganese in your system you will literally kill your mama, but they make you believe that is [normal for you to act that way]."


Lead in drinking water can cause serious health issues; Children/babies exposed to lead in drinking water above a certain level can result in poor physical/mental development in attention span and learning abilities. In adults, it can increase blood pressure or kidney failure (Minnesota Department of health).


Research has demonstrated health risks from manganese in drinking water. For example, manganese can adversely affect child intellectual function, and in large doses act as a neurotoxin causing symptoms similar to Parkinson’s disease (Connecticut Dept. of Health: fact sheet manganese in drinking water).


Metals are crucial elements for maintaining overall good health and transmitting electrical transmitters to/from the brain, but surpassing the required amount the body needs can have devastating consequences. Spraying manganese and lead in poverty neighborhoods are one of many scenarios that occur in the United States, the behaviors and killing being watched on most newscasts may not be a result of individual motives but rather manganese overdose.