Healing rituals and community

healing ritual and community

Healing, Rituals, and community, the Indigenous African concept of world anchors around the understanding of healing, ritual, and community. They understood the magnitude of healing as such the Human body is vulnerable to biological and physiological breakdown. They learned that their environment in which they live is composed of invisible entities, if understood and used in certain ways, can affect the condition that they intend to heal.


Rituals are the technology that allows the use of these subtle energies. It is the loss of such rituals that African away from the mother land are struggling with, the loss of connection with the unseen aspects of the natural world that have the ability to bring the needed healing. In the west, there is this idea that ritual refers to some sort of darkness, pagan, and voodoo. They only accept rituals that are practiced in Sunday's church services of the organized religions.

The ritual we are talking about here is the ritual of intertwining individual persons and gifts into a community that interacts with the forces of the natural world. This means the gathering of people with a clear healing vision and a trusting intent towards the forces of the invisible world.


African ancestors both male and female often do a ritual of grieving, the sacred shedding of tears to heal the wounds of human losses. Most modern western male would find this ritual strange, but to shed tears is to release energy that otherwise will poison the self. Grief is a cleansing practice our indigenous African ancestors used as a cleansing practice that purifies the psyche just as bath purifies the body.


Community is important because there is an understanding that human beings are collectively design to appeal to one another. The general health and well- being of an individual are connected to a community. Our indigenous African ancestors’ culture is deep rooted as a community; their villages was a mini state woven as a community- something African Americans in the west do not have anymore and have to rebuild, African American community. Healing, ritual, and community- these three elements are vitally linked.