How to elevate your diet life and health

How to elevate your diet life and health

10 things you need to know to elevate your diet, life, and health

There are no magic spells, no fantastic illusions, and definitely no special privileges; it gets down to people who wants it more than others; those who simply give more efforts, acquires more information, and consistently are more dedicated. In my healthy journey, I have been fortunate to come across some people with those qualities.


I have learned many things from them and I am greatly hopeful to every single one of them. Here's what I have noticed they all have in common. And even though they were many miles apart, and have never met, I observed similar characteristics from all of them. I understand that there is a gradual progress to higher stages if we choose towards progression; we will get the same outstanding healthy results. What do these people have in common?

  1. They Wake up early with the sun
  2. They go to bed 90 minutes after sunset
  3. They exercise or walk, it is free
  4. They drink alkaline tea for breakfast
  5. They drink natural Spring Water
  6. They Juice fruits and vegetables
  7. They fast once a week or 7 days a month with water, herbs, fruit juices, and alkaline vegetables
  8. They read one or more health related topic a month and they stay relevant on information on food that nourishes their body
  9. They do not eat stuff that grows under the ground, such as potatoes, yams, malanga, sweet potato, taro, etc.
  10. They do not eat seedless fruits nor do they eat GMO products


They abide and understand Gene food consistency, not eating inconsistent foods that do not compliment their culture and biological structure.


That is it, above is the list of the similar observation I remember the most about my experience with I think of as natural living health people. To me he/she is a person who knows about fasting, eat clean natural foods, and they do everything with the mind frame of natural living.