Signs you’re damaging your pancreas: acute pancreatitis treatment and food that causes symptoms

Signs you’re damaging your pancreas: acute pancreatitis treatment and food that causes symptoms

The fourth leading killer in America is pancreatic cancer. Pancreatitis can lead to pancreatic cancer, so you must do what you can to avoid that. Diabetes, hearing, respiratory, digestive problems, kidney failure, and cancer can come as a result of pancreatitis. Avoid foods that caused pancreatic cancer. Avoid over eating, which overworks the pancreas.


Pancreatitis diet

Poor dieting is probably the number one cause of damaging the pancreas. So, the list of causes of pancreatitis are obesity, alcohol, white sugar (McDonald's), bleach white flour (Taco Bell), and a diet rich in meat and fats (eating meat with every meal or eating meat every day. Get the pancreatitis diet natural food guide


What is pancreatitis?

Gastro-intestinal: pancreatitis is having inflammation of the pancreas. When normal cells are replaced or harden with calcium deposits and scar tissues, which can produce mild diabetes—this is caused due to poor dieting. Research upon research findings stated a variety of pancreatitis causes.


Causes of pancreatitis

Again, poor nutrition, eating dead flesh, junk foods made from bleach white flour and highly processed white sugar, and I advise you to stop eating meat every day; basically, eating meats that are rich in fats with every meal.


Other frequent causes of pancreatitis are vital Infection, diseases of the bile ducts, gallbladder, and I couldn’t stress this enough, meat rich in fats is the foundation of developing pancreatitis. Even more causes are abdominal injury, prescribed medication, steroids, estrogen, and oral contraceptive.


What are the symptoms of pancreatitis?

The acute symptoms of pancreatitis are a quick unexpected excruciating burning pain in the upper abdomen, maybe nausea, and vomiting. The pain may travel to other parts of the body; it may get worse when there are movement, and food, drugs, alcohol, and vomiting can make the pain worse.


The chronic symptoms of pancreatitis are excessive gas, muscles aches, and fever. Permanent damage can happen to the pancreas because of constant inflammation, which can produce fibrosis. Other symptoms of pancreatitis are abnormal fatty stools, abdominal swelling, sweating, and hypertension.